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27v aims to fix the broken review industry. From earning rewards to mediating reviews. We bridge the gap between customers, businesses, and the review platform they trust.

For Consumers

Get used to seeing this icon. Because it's going to be everywhere.
27v is coming. A platform built on blockchain technology asking for reviews of your favorite dishes and restaurants in exchange for rewards redeemable at ANY 27v partner.
Imagine stocking up on tokens every day for leaving short simple reviews about your favorite places. Then spend those rewards on free food all over your city.

For Businesses

Customers are 2x to 3x more likely to write about a negative experience they had at a restaurant. Businesses on the 27v network are offered a level playing field. We reward the customer for writing about their experience, good or bad. Now businesses can trust their overall reputation is accurate.
It takes twelve positive reviews to negate the nasty effects of one negative review. This is because 80% of customers will avoid a restaurant if they read a bad review. Our findings show that a single negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers!
More Customers
Better Reputation

Sarah K. left a 2-star review

Sarah, what was the reason for the negative review?

The wait for a table last night was insane! 45 minutes is way too long!

I can't tell you how sorry we are about that. We've been short-staffed lately.

Would you be willing to try us out again? I'd be happy to give you a few 27v Tokens for your trouble.

Well, the food was pretty good. I'll just plan ahead next time. Thanks!

For Everyone

Have you ever heard of "Review Mediation on the Blockchain"? No? Well that's because we invented it.
27v introduces the first ever review mediation platform with a resolution method built on the blockchain. If a negative review is received for a business, there will be a short mediation period. Following this, the business will be able to let the negative review stick or resolve it using the 27v Blockchain.
It's all about trust. The business knows the user has been fairly compensated, and the user knows that their voice was heard. By utilizing the blockchain, both parties can trust that action will be taken. The compensation is public and open for all to see. Instead of letting a sour experience ruin a relationship forever, 27v can mend the broken pieces to make customers and business both happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 27v?

27v is a restaurant discovery and food reviewing app aiming to fix the broken review industry. For users to earn rewards for their reviews and for restaurant owners to mediate reviews before they are made public. 27v is bridging the gap between customer-business, with a trusted review platform.

How is free food and the token mining process related?

The process of mining tokens and earning free food is as follows:

  • A 27v customer eats at a new restaurant.
  • They enjoy the restaurant or dislike it.
  • They leave a review on 27v talking about the food they ate and their experience.
  • That review must pass an automated integrity check in order to be submitted to the blockchain.
  • Once submitted, a token will be mined for the user and they will earn that mined token.
  • That token can now be used at any other vendor on the 27v Platform for food menu items set aside by the restaurant. (Free food!)
  • That 27v customer eats at a new restaurant and the cycle repeats.

What makes you different from current restaurant platform like Yelp?

We are built on transparency and trust. With current review platforms (like Yelp) it’s impossible to prove that review manipulation isn’t happening. Also, due to lack of incentives those who have a positive experience are less likely to review their food or experience. With 27v users are rewarded for their opinion, good and bad.

Why is blockchain necessary for your project?

Trust. Period. Consumers need to know that the reviews for businesses are trustworthy and not bought. Businesses need to know that users are real live people that have actually experieced their restaurant. 27vneeds to know that both consumers and businesses agree that the 27v token is worth the reward the restaurant is willing to give. Blockchain provides transparency, trust, and value. It's absolutely essential.

Why do a preferred share sale instead of an ICO?

Currently, a token's value sold through and ICO can fluctuate or lose its value entirely due to factors outside our control (government regulations, fear and doubt, forks, etc.), but with shares they offer some unique properties protected by equity characteristics. We wanted our investors to actually own a piece of the company and leave out some of the guesswork that exists with exchange traded mechanisms.

How does a preferred sale differ from an ICO?

Rather than purchasing a token, investors will be purchasing shares. These shares offer a buyback system, which allows investors to sell them back to the company for three times what they were bought for once the platform is rolled out. The shares hold similar characteristics to owning equity in the company. If the company is sold before 27v buybacks all the shares, the proceeds from that sale will first be used to pay back the remaining investors their original investment amount, then they will receive the remaining proceeds from that sale just like the original founders.

Who can participate in the share sale?

Investors from United Sates, UK, and Australia must be an accredited investor. Those located in, or representing or controlling anyone located in, the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe (each, a “Sanctioned Country”) or any other country subject to sanctions administered by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control are not allowed to participate.

How do I participate in the sale?

To participate in the sale please first create an account from our website and follow the steps accordingly.

The Team


Darin Holbrook


Nicki Sanders

Blockchain Developer | Advisor

John Richards

Entrepreneur | Mentor

Andrew J. Chapin

Tech Entrepreneur

Phil Case

Marketing Advisor

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Dan Weiner

Project Manager